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Workshops & Groups

Religious Trauma Integration Group

Every other Friday | Zoom & In Person | $30

Feeling safe in the world starts with feeling safe in our bodies. Somatic attuning strategies assist us in learning that safety is not just a concept in our head, but a sensation we all have the innate ability to feel internally, and how the degree of safety we feel filters our experience of external reality. 

We are discovering together that through the process of attuning to our bodies and addressing locked in energy patterns through the point holding process, relief and rewiring in our system is possible.

For clients struggling with religious trauma, we are specifically working with:
- Construction of reality and identity/Self
- Re-experiencing trust in Self and inner instincts (vs external authority)
- Reclaiming power and liberation from conformity
- Healing cognitive dissonance and feeling emotions safely
- Managing day-to-day functioning - slowing down and becoming present in the body 

*Please note that this is not a process group. This is a 1 hour space to connect with and integrate your experiences together, while I moderate, psychoeducate, and hold space. 

This group is limited to 8 folks. Please email me with your interest. 

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