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Our work together is rooted in the body.

Grounded in Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing, Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory, Dr. John Ray’s Body Electronics, and the psychology of Transactional AnalysisSomatic Release Technique & PsychoNeuroEnergetics together offer a safe, integrative approach to working through trauma responses, unwinding the nervous system, and allowing for the restoration of confidence in one’s natural instincts.

Somatic Release Technique (SRT)

Inspired by Dr. Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing (SE) and conveyed by Judith Johnson and Catalina Ureta, SRT is a gentle body-centered approach to releasing trapped energy (trauma) via awareness of our bodily sensations. Facilitation involves sitting upward and tuning into the presence of internal movements within your body, a "felt sense" that naturally ignites the body's self-regulatory processes, often leading directly to energy blockages, misalignments and limiting belief systems. As we move through your resolving these 'hiccups' in your autonomic nervous system, the body may naturally discharge via twitching, trembling, shaking, yawning, burping, laughing, crying, sweating, and/or deep peacefulness and restoration.

PsychnoNeuroEnergetics (PNE)

Developed by Judith Johnson as a powerful and effective modality to unwind trauma paralysis, PNE works with the three parts of the brain (Neocortex, Amygdala & Brainstem) to resolve survival patterning and restore natural upscale vagal functioning to the nervous system.


Via the holding of acupressure points with sustained pressure—primarily GB20 (aka the “Wind Pool” points in Traditional Chinese Medicine) where the dual vagus nerve exits the skull—the limbic system is activated and the body enters into a heightened nervous system functional awareness wherein a traumatic imprint can be holographically accessed, felt, and allowed to safely process and discharge via the body.


At a very base level, stimulation of the vagus nerve induces a state of deep relaxation by moving the client into the parasympathetic division of the nervous system, allowing access to their body’s natural process of “rest and digest” and connection to a deeper sense of self.

Together, curiously, we look at what is occurring in the body in the present moment and we stay with the energy until it shows us what it is doing and how it is operating—how it is working to shut down emotion; we allow space to witness exactly what is happening in real time—here is the magical conjunction where a recognition, movement and release can occur. From this awareness we can begin to build resiliency, form new neural pathways, and shift our emotional and behavioral responses to support our natural way.

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