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(Soma)(tic) Etymology

Ancient Greek – sôma is body | sōmatikós is bodily

Sanskrit – sóma is to distill, extract, sprinkle and to press and be newly born

(In ancient Vedic rituals “soma” was a medicinal plant drink associated with the divine,

believed to be the drink of Gods)


In this space, we define 'somatic' as the body perceived from within—what polyvagal theory calls interoception.

By tuning into our internal physical sensations, we connect more deeply with our present experience and reconnect to our aliveness.  

Somatic healing sessions with Rachel are an opportunity to engage with your organism at the deepest level and learn the language of your nervous system, offering access to your innate wisdom and natural flow of being, a core that exists inside of you, much stronger than survival patterning. 


For those of you struggling with nervous system dysregulation, suppressed emotion, disconnection, outdated survival strategies and other adaptive developmental traumatic imprints, I offer 1:1 deep mind-body integrative somatic resolution sessions designed to safely unwind trauma paralysis via the discharging of locked energies in the body. Read more about my approach here.


Somatic Trauma Resolution

(In Person)


Somatic Unwinding



Somatic Dreamwork


75 mins of combined trauma-informed therapies (Somatic Release Technique & PsychoNeuroEnergetics) includes sensation tracking and verbal unwinding (guided discussion) while powerful acupressure points are stimulated and held for 40-60 minutes. Clients also learn self-regulation polyvagal techniques to bring home with them and practice.

60 mins of Somatic Release Technique within a PsychoNeuroEnergetics framework (without the physical point holding) involving sensation tracking, verbal unwinding, polyvagal exercises and personalized self-regulation techniques.

60 mins of Somatic Release Technique within the context of one dream or a series of consecutive dreams. A session involves tuning into the felt sense of the body using somatic and polyvagal techniques combined with Jungian-informed dream analysis with the intention of merging the unconscious and the conscious, the mind and body, ultimately gaining deeper insight into the whole Self, and movement of any stagnant energy. Clients receive personalized 'dream notes' emailed to them after each session.

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The Journey of a Somatic Release Session

"Concept in collaboration with Rachel, transmuting her healing work into visual terms" by collage/animation artist Gabi Molina.

"Our first session was one of the most transformative experiences I’ve had to date. I instantly felt safe and at ease in Rachel's presence. By the end of that session, I could access and release feelings physically and spiritually I had otherwise been terrified to address. I have a newfound path toward peace and acceptance. 

s our sessions continue, they remain a beautiful and safe container to feel, enter my body, release shame, build resilience, and heal. I have immense gratitude for Rachel and her gift. I no longer feel I need to fix myself but rather find home in myself."


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